History Courses for Spring 2021

Dear Students, Read on if you’d like to hear more about spring courses in history. And let me add: history has never been more relevant than today, in the face of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the challenges of our current politics, and the ongoing movement for racial justice. History provides perspective, helps us understand… Read More

History Announcements for the Fall – and Open House on Tuesday 8/4 at 10am and 8pm

Dear History Students, Excuse the email blast – I’m sending this out to  majors and minors and students enrolled in history courses – and sharing a copy with history faculty. The calendar still says summer, but I know many of you have been thinking about the fall. I wanted to take a moment to give… Read More

Summer 2020 Documentary Filmmaking in Buenos Aires TREK – Info Session – Tuesday 12/3

Interested in making your own films? Discovering the culture of Buenos Aires and Argentina? Learning about history – and the tools of documentary filmmaking? Come to the Information Session on the Summer 2020 Documentary Filmmaking and History in Buenos Aires TREK Info Session – Tuesday, December 3 @ 7pm in Kauke 034 The course is… Read More

Class Field Trip to Newark Earthworks

On Friday, October 2, 2017, ten students from the class “A History of Native America” took a field trip to Newark Earthworks “the largest set of geometric earthen enclosures in the world” and a site considered sacred by American Indians. Newark Earthworks is composed of three earthwork constructions that feature precise geometric shapes that once connected to… Read More

Course Advising for Spring 2015

A note for First-Years interested in History: Hello and welcome to your first on-your-own registration! My name is Jeff Roche and I’m chair of the History Department. I understand that these next few days can be a little overwhelming. Since you have indicated an interest in the History Department and its courses in the past,… Read More

The History of Croquet at the C.O.W. and More!

Something to distract you from final exam studying: take a look at a few of the videos your classmates produced for History 202: History Workshop: The Historical Documentary. These went far beyond the requirements of the final assignment, which was an exercise in the practical elements of documentary filmmaking. You might learn something here. About… Read More