Department of History Library

Department of History Library

Available in Kauke 125, off of the mailroom. Contact for more information.

Reference Books

American Historical Association Directory of History Departments, Historical Organizations, and Historians.  Latest and recent versions.

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Department of History, College of Wooster, Junior & Senior Independent Study Handbook. Latest and recent versions.

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Perspectives on History: The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association, 2010-present

American Historical Review

Organization of American History

Senior I.S.

“Art as Revolution/One Bullet 40 Pigs: The Black Panther Party and the Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas” by Katherine C.S. Brausch, 2008-2009

“‘Nothing But a Fiction’: Rewriting History to Reimagine in Third Generation Nigerian Fiction” by Caitlin Tyler-Richards, 2008-2009

“Robin Hood and the Citizen: A Study of the Legend on the Small and Silver Screens” by Sarah Anne Mikell, 2009-2010

“The Symbiosis of Colonization and Piracy in the Roman Republic and Spain: Lessons for a Globalizing Economy” by Jonathan Michael Quiery, 2009-2010

“The Politics of Fashion: Edith Wilson, Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama” by KateLynn Riley, 2009-2010

Junior I.S.

“The Nineteenth Century CNN Effect: A  Look at the Atrocities in Bulgaria as Reported in The Times of London and Die Presse in 1876″ by Naomi Ann Milstein, Spring 2010

Career Resources

Scot Network of History Alumni

Folder of History Internship Opportunities


All materials in the History Department Library are available to consult in Kauke 125 (dept. asst. office off of Kauke 126 mailroom), though they may not be checked out.