Spring 2022

Fall 2021

HIST-10161 Russia’s WWII: Film & History (1 Credits)

M/W/F 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Dr. Pozefsky

HIST 10161 RUSSIA’S WORLD WAR II: FILM & HISTORY The course explores the Soviet experience during World War II or what Russians refer to as “The Great Patriotic War.” Major themes include Stalin’s role in the war and the problem of leadership, the lives of common soldiers and the home-front, as well as the military dimension of the war. Film and fiction will be employed as primary sources to explore the memory of the war and its meaning for later generations of Russians. [HSS, GE]

HIST-10177 Latin American Revolutions (1 Credits)

M/W/F 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Dr. Holt

HIST 10177 LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS This course examines the history of 20th century Latin American revolutions. In addition to considering ideas about how, when, and why people rebel, we’ll focus on case studies from Mexico, Cuba, Chile, and Nicaragua. We’ll emphasize both how different historians have interpreted these revolutions, and analyze first-hand accounts from the participants. [global][C, HSS, GE, SJ]

HIST-10196 Warfare in Global History (1 Credits)

M/W/F 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Dr. Welsch

HIST 10196. WARFARE IN GLOBAL HISTORY This class explores the effects that war and military developments have on individuals, states, and societies and the role that societies in turn have on the nature of war itself. We will examine how studying these relationships can contribute to current debates in global history, around themes such as identity, mobility, gender, and the spread of ideas. Our focus will be on specific episodes and case studies, illuminating the diverse methodologies through which military history and the experience of war can be studied. [HSS, GE]

HIST-10900 Making of Contemporary World (1 Credits)

M/W/F 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Dr. Shaya

HIST 10900. MAKING OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD An introduction to the history of the world, with emphasis on the major events and powerful forces of the last one hundred years that shape the world today. The course takes in perspectives from across the globe, without worrying about complete chronological or geographical coverage. Students will gain an awareness of the cultural traditions that define regions and peoples, knowledge of the historical legacies that shape the present and the future, and a broad understanding of the forces that have made the contemporary world. Readings include a political history of the twentieth century and select primary and secondary sources. [C, HSS]

HIST-11000 U.S. Experience to 1877 (1 Credits)

M/W/F 11:00 AM -11:50 AM
Dr. Walters

HIST 11000. THE UNITED STATES EXPERIENCE TO 1877 A survey of the development of United States society to 1877. [Pre-1800] [D, HSS]

HIST-11500 History of Black America (1 Credits)

M/W/F 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Dr. Adams

HIST 11500. HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICA: FROM WEST AFRICAN ORIGINS TO THE PRESENT This course covers the history of black Americans from their origins in West Africa to the present. Although this course is a survey, it will have a topical approach. Topics will include the following: West African origins, the southern slavery experience, Black Reconstruction, the Great Migration, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Power Movement. The current situation of black people is the result of this heroic and yet sometimes tragic history. This course will view the development of America from the black perspective, displaying a history that is not the traditional view of the United States. [C, HSS]

HIST-20119 West Africa U.S. Connection (1 Credits)

T/Th 1:00 PM – 2:20 PM
Dr. Sene

HIST 20119. WEST AFRICA U.S. CONNECTION This course is about West Africans and their connection to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th century. We will focus on the changing nature of African political and social formations, the rise and development of the Atlantic slave trade and the impact of that trade on African societies, and especially the formation of Black American cultures and their relations and interactions with Africa. As a HIST 201 course, this seminar is a practical introduction of the critical skills of the historian – including the analysis of primary sources, historiography, historical research and writing, and historical argumentation. [C, HSS, W]

HIST-20136 Reading and Writing Biography (1 Credits)

M/W 2:00 PM – 3:20 PM
Dr. Roche

HIST 20135. CRAFT OF HISTORY: READING AND WRITING BIOGRAPHY It is the most popular form of written history in the country. And among the hardest to write. In this course, we will read some of the most provocative and interesting biographies of the last several decades. And at least one much older. This craft of history course will include a research component as its final project. [HSS, W]

HIST-20209 Documentary Filmmaking (0.5 Credits)

T/Th 2:30 PM – 3:50 PM
Dr. Shaya

HIST 20209. DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING An introduction to the theory and practice of documentary filmmaking, with an emphasis on the historical documentary. Theory: How do documentaries represent the past? And practice: How do we make our own documentaries? We will study important documentaries and learn the techniques of documentary work, including camera and composition, using still photographs, music and narration, editing, and storytelling. A half-credit course, we will meet for the first half of the semester.

HIST-20210 Digital Storytelling W/ Scalar (0.5 Credits)

T/Th 2:30 PM – 3:50 PM
Dr. Holt

HIST 20210. WORKSHOP: DIGITAL STORYTELLING WITH SCALAR Scalar is a free, open-source tool for creating multimedia books or digital exhibitions. In this class, you’ll experiment with media, structure, and annotations to craft a digital edition communicating your ideas. We’ll explore the elements of effective digital storytelling, writing for a digital public, and integrating media to enhance your communication. As a final project, students will create their own Scalar editions on the topic of their choice. This class is open to students from any major who want more experience communicating their ideas in a flexible multimedia format.

HIST-21500 Colonial Latin America (1 Credits)

M/W/F 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM
Dr. Holt

HIST 21500. COLONIAL LATIN AMERICA Latin American history from the pre-Columbian period to the 1830s. The course will emphasize the clash between European colonizers and indigenous populations, the development of Spanish and Portuguese colonial institutions and culture in America, and the overthrow of colonial rule in the early years of the nineteenth century. [Pre-1800, Global] [C, HSS, D, GE]

HIST-23100 The Making of Africa (1 Credits)

T/Th 2:30 PM – 3:50 PM
Dr. Sene

HIST 23100. THE MAKING OF AFRICA From early antiquity to the late 16th century, Africa and Africans have been key players in world affairs. Ancient Egypt, Kush, Aksum, Ancient Zimbabwe, the west African empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, and Asante, as well as the state of Kongo in central Africa, the various Muslim dynasties in North Africa, and the Swahili city-states on the Indian Ocean coast, to name but a few examples, were the centers of this fascinating historical development. From the 16th century, the Atlantic slave trade, which lasted for at least three hundred years, destroyed African political, social, and economic institutions that sustained the continent on the world scene up to that time. As a consequence of that, this trade paved the way to the colonization of almost every single corner of Africa by European powers, beginning in the nineteenth century. In this course we will be exploring the various ways in which these developments have been shaping African societies, politics, and cultures over this long period of time. [Pre-1800, Global] [C, HSS, D, GE, SJ]

HIST-27514 LGBTQ in 20th C America (1 Credits)

M/W/F 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Dr. Walters

HIST 27514. QUEER AMERICA: LGBT HISTORY OF THE 20TH CENTURY U.S. Since the late 1970s.. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender history has grown and flourished into a legitimate academic discipline. More recently, queer theory is now a leading intellectual movement that complicates and disrupts mainstream discourses. Understanding America’s LGBT past through the lens of queer theory, this course will chronologically trace the construction and eoluation of same-sex sexuality as both sex acts and socially constructed identities in twentieth century America. Neither progressive nor regressive, the clcass will reveal the stories of queers and the economic, social and political conditions in which they lived during the last century. We will examine additional themes of class, race, ethnicity and gender as they are integral in understanding America’s queer past. Together, we will make “good trouble” as we “queer” America’s past. [C, D, HSS]

HIST-27524 Hist of Black Resistance (1 Credits)

M/W/F 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM

HIST 27524. History of the Black Resistance in the US This course highlights the significance of resistance movements from the slave uprisings of the colonial era to the present-day racial justice movement sparked by the death of George Floyd. The goal of the seminar is to introduce the History of Resistance and unpack various events and perspectives of the African American community to show not only how racism influenced black resistance, but how the continued ignoring of this issue further marginalizes people of color. A variety of topics will be covered to give context to the movements such as gender, education, race, religion, social movements, policies, and politics. Additionally, primary, and secondary sources, movies, images, and short films will be discussed in this course. Students are expected to complete an independent project in this course. [HSS,D]

HIST-22400 India in Global Context (1 Credits)

M/W 2:00 PM – 3:20 PM
Dr. Welsch

HIST 22400. THE HISTORY OF INDIA IN GLOBAL CONTEXT This course presents a survey of South Asian history from the sixteenth century to the present day, focusing on the region’s ever-changing role in global networks. It takes as its starting point two key moments of encounter: the spread of Mughal power in the north from Central Asia and the arrival of Portuguese ships in the south. From there, students will trace patterns in intercultural interaction, conflict, and mobility into the colonial and postcolonial periods. Key themes include the creation of political and cultural identities, the development and persistence of power structures, the negotiation of difference by individuals and states, and the movement of South Asian actors around the world. In addition to primary sources, we will engage extensively with scholarly debates to evaluate disagreements within and between academic and popular views of history. [D, GE, HSS, SJ]

HIST-30155 Medieval Travelers (1 Credits)

T/Th 1:00 PM – 2:20 PM
Dr. Hettinger

HIST 30155. MEDIEVAL TRAVEL: PILGRIMS AND ENVOYS This course examines the motives and experiences of travelers in the Middles Ages. Travel itself was a relatively rare and dangerous experience in the medieval period. Through primary sources including pilgrim guidebooks, personal narratives, and visual evidence, we will explore why some medieval people accepted the high risks of travel and set out on the road for reasons of religion, diplomacy, and potential material gain. The geography of this course includes travelers representing the Islamic world of North Africa, the Christian world of Western Europe, and the multicultural merchants of the Silk Roads. [GE, HSS]

HIST-30158 Paranoid Nation: Conspiracy (1 Credits)

T 7:00 PM – 9:40 PM
Dr. Roche

HIST 30158. PARANOID NATION: CONSPIRACY IN AMERICAN POLITICS In 1963, just as the conservative movement was about to take off, Columbia University professor Richard Hofstadter began working on his most famous essay, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” In it, he traced a political personality type that appears over and over again in the long history of American politics. Of course, in our day we have Q Anon and 9/11Truthers. But in the past, we had the John Birch Society, the Anti-Masons, fears over the Illuminati, the Copperhead conspiracy, the Communist Conspiracy. The gist is always the same: A small group of powerful people, working in secret, are determined to destroy the nation or undermine its culture and values. In this course we will examine this phenomenon broadly and explore some of the reasons that scholars propose that this phenomenon has taken such powerful hold on our political culture. We will also conduct research into the political conspiracies of the John Birch Society and other elements of the right-wing in the 1960s; the very movement that led Hofstadter to pen his essay. [HSS]

HIST-40100 Junior Independent Study (1 Credits)


HIST 40100. JUNIOR INDEPENDENT STUDY A one-semester tutorial that focuses upon the research skills, methodology, and theoretical framework necessary for Senior Independent Study.

HIST-45100 Senior Independent Study 1 (1 Credits)


HIST 45100. INDPENDENT STUDY THESIS The first semester of the Senior Independent Study project, in which each student engages in creative and independent research guided by a faculty mentor and culminating in a thesis and an oral examination in the second semester.

Fall 2021

  • HIST-10161, Introductory: Russia’s World War Two: Film and History, Dr. Pozefsky, M/W/F 10:00AM-10:50AM, max 28 [GE, HSS]
  • HIST-10177, Introductory: Latin American Revolutions, Dr. Holt, M/W/F 9:00AM-9:50AM, max 28 [C, SJ, GE, HSS]
  • HIST-10196, Introductory: Warfare in Global History, Dr. Welsch, M/W/F 10:00AM-10:50AM, max 28 [GE, HSS]
  • HIST-10900, Making of the Contemporary World, Dr. Shaya, M/W/F 11:00AM-11:50AM, max 28 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-11000, US Experience to 1877, Dr. Walters, M/W/F 11:00AM-11:50AM, max 28 [D, HSS]
  • HIST-11500, History of Black America, Dr. Adams, M/W/F 9:00AM-9:50AM, max 28 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-20119, Craft of History: West Africa US Connection, Dr. Sene, T/Th 1:00PM-2:20PM, max 20 [W, C HSS]
  • HIST-20136, Craft of History: Reading and Writing Biography, Dr. Roche, M/W 2:00PM-3:20PM, max 20 [W, HSS]
  • HIST-20209, Workshop: Documentary Filmmaking, Dr. Shaya, T/Th 2:30PM-3:50PM, max 15
  • HIST-20210, Workshop: Digital Storytelling with Scalar, Dr. Holt, T/Th 2:30PM-3:50PM, max 15
  • HIST-21500, Colonial Latin America, Dr. Holt, M/W/F 1:00PM-1:50PM, max 25 [C, D, GE, HSS]
  • HIST-23100, The Making of Africa, Dr. Sene, T/Th 2:30PM-3:50PM, max 25 [C, D, SJ, GE, HSS]
  • HIST-27514, LGBTQ in Twentieth Century America, Dr. Walters, M/W/F 2:00PM-2:50PM, max 25 [C, D, HSS]
  • HIST-27524, History of Black Resistance, Dr. Adams, M/W/F 1:00PM-1:50PM, max 25 [D, HSS]
  • HIST-2240, History of India in a Global Context, Dr. Welsch, M/W 2:00PM-3:20PM, max 25 [D, GE, HSS]
  • HIST-30155, Seminar: Medieval Travel: pilgrims and Envoys, Dr. Hettinger, T/Th 1:00PM-2:20PM, max 20 [GE, HSS]
  • HIST-30158, Seminar: Paranoid Nation: Conspiracy in American Politics, Dr. Roche, T 7:00PM-9:40PM, max 20 [HSS]
  • HIST-40100, Junior Independent Study
  • HIST-45100, Senior Independent Study 1

Spring 2021

  • HIST-10103, Introductory: History of African American Education, Dr. Adkins, M/W/F 9:15AM-10:05AM [HSS]
  • HIST-10176, Introductory: History of Islam, Dr. Sene, T/Th 9:45AM-11:05AM [Global, C, HSS, R]
  • HIST-10184, Introductory: Chinese Medicine, Dr. Ng, M/W/F 10:30AM-11:20AM [Global, pre-1800, HSS]
  • HIST-10187, Introductory: History of Native America, Dr. Walters, M/W/F 9:15AM-10:05AM [C, HSS]
  • HIST-10600, History of Western Civilization to 1600, Dr. Hettinger, T/Th 9:45AM-11:05AM [Pre-1800, HSS]
  • HIST-11100, US Experience Since 1877, Dr. Haager, T/Th 2:00PM-3:20PM [HSS]
  • HIST-20101, History of the News, Dr. Shaya, M/W/F 1:00PM-1:50PM, max 20 [HSS, W]
  • HIST-20104, Latin American and the US, Dr. Holt, M/W/F 9:15AM-10:05AM, max 20 [C, HSS, W, D]
  • HIST-20131, Rulers and Rebels in European Empires, Dr. Welsch, M/W/F 11:45AM-12:35PM, max 20 [HSS, W, D]
  • HIST-20201, Workshop: Historical Documentary, Dr. Shaya, T/TH 12:45PM-1:35PM, max 12
  • HIST-21600, Modern Latin America, Dr. Holt, M/W/F 11:45AM-12:35PM [C, HSS, D, GE]
  • HIST-22100, The Modern British Empire, Dr. Welsch, M/W/F 3:30PM-4:20PM [HSS, D, GE]
  • HIST-23200, Africa From Colonization to Globalization, Dr. Sene, T/Th 2:00PM-3:20PM [Global, C, HSS]
  • HIST-23500, Modern China, Dr. Ng, M/W/F 9:15AM-10:05AM [Global, C, HSS, SJ, GE]
  • HIST-27511, Plagues in Modern History, Dr. Hettinger, T/Th 2:00PM-3:20PM [HSS]
  • HIST-27524, History of Black Resistance, Dr. Adkins, M/W/F 1:00PM-1:50PM [HSS, D]
  • HIST-30156, Gender Commemoration and the Civil War, Dr. Walters, M/W/F, 2:15PM-3:05PM, max 15 [HSS]
  • HIST-30157, War and Memory in Contemporary Europe, Dr. Shaya, M/W 3:30PM-4:50PM, max 15 [HSS]
  • RELS-26714, Jews Judaism and Jew Haters, Dr. Friedman, M/W/F 9:15AM-10:05AM [D, GE, HSS]
  • HIST-40100, Junior Independent Study
  • HIST-45200, Senior Independent Study 2

Fall 2020

  • HIST-10132, Intro: Crime & Punishment in History, Prof. Shaya, MWF 10:30AM-11:20AM, max 25 [HSS]
  • HIST-10191, Intro: History of Sexualities, Prof. Jordan Biro Walters, MWF 11:45AM-12:35PM, max 25 [C, HSS, D]
  • HIST-10900, Making of Contemporary World, Prof. Bonk, MWF 01:00PM:50PM, max 25 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-11500, History of Black America, Prof. Adkins, MWF 02:15PM-03:05PM, max 25 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-20124, Craft of History: Public History, Prof. Jordan Biro Walters, MWF 02:15PM-03:05PM, max 20 [HSS, W]
  • HIST-20135, Craft of History: The History of Pain, Prof. Ng, MWF 09:15AM-10:05AM, max 20 [HSS, W]
  • HIST-20400-2R, Ancient Greek History, Prof. Foster, MWF 11:45AM-12:35PM, max 25 [HSS, Pre-1800]
  • HIST-20600, Medieval Europe, 500-1350, Prof. Hettinger, TR 09:45AM-11:05AM, max 25 [HSS, GE, Pre-1800]
  • HIST-20800, Europe in the Era of Total War, 1890 to 1945, Prof. Shaya, MW 03:30PM-04:50PM, max 25 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-21700, Modern Brazil, Prof. Holt, MWF 10:30AM-11:20AM, max 25 [C, HSS, D, GE, SJ, Global]
  • HIST-22000, Tudor-Stuart England, Prof. Welsch , MWF 09:15AM-10:05AM, max 25 [HSS, GE, Pre-1800]
  • HIST-22800-2R, Israel/Palestine: Histories in Conflict, Prof. Friedman., TR 09:45AM-11:05AM, max 25 [C, HSS,, Global]
  • HIST-23100, The Making of Africa, Prof. Sene, TR 02:00PM-03:20PM, max 25 [C, HSS, D, GE, SJ, Pre-1800, Global]
  • HIST-23600, Modern Japan, Prof. Ng, MWF 11:45AM-12:35PM, max 25 [C, HSS, Global]
  • HIST-29800, Making History: Theories/Methods, Prof. Hettinger, TR 02:00PM-03:20PM, max 18 [HSS]
  • HIST-40100, Junior Independent Study
  • HIST-45100, Senior Independent Study 1

Spring 2020

  • HIST-10103 “History of African-American Education” Professor Adkins, MWF 1:00-1:50
  • HIST-10152 “African American History 1865-present” Professor Adkins, MWF 10:00-10:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10166 “The Holocaust” Dr. Friedman, MWF 9:00-9:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10182 “America in the 60s and 70s” Dr. Roche, TTH 9:30-10:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10196 “Warfare in Global History” Dr. Welsch, MWF 10:00-10:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10800 “Introduction to Global History” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 10:00-10:50 [HSS, C, GE, SJ]
  • HIST-11100 “U.S. Experience Since 1877” Dr. Roche, TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST-19910 “Social Movements in Global Perspectives” Dr. Eshete, MWF 2:00-2:50 
  • HIST-20101 “History of the News” Dr. Shaya, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS,W]
  • HIST-20104 “Latin America & the US” Dr. Holt, MWF 9:00-9:50 [HSS, W, C]
  • HIST-20115 “Body in Chinese Tradition” Dr. Ng, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS, W, C]
  • HIST-20201 “Workshop: Historical Documentary” Dr. Shaya, TTH 2:30-3:50 [0.25 credit]
  • HIST-20500 “Roman History” Dr. Josephine Shaya, MW 2:00-3:20 [Pre-1800, HSS]
  • HIST-20700 “Renaissance Europe 1350-1600” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 9:30-10:50 [Pre-1800, HSS, GE]
  • HIST-20900 “Europe Since 1945: Film & History” Dr. Shaya, MW 2:00-3:20 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-21600 “Modern Latin America” Dr. Holt, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-23000 “Russia to 1900” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS, C, Pre-1800]
  • HIST-23100 “The Making of Africa” Dr. Eshete, MWF 8:00-8:50 [Pre-1800, Global, C, HSS]
  • HIST-23500 “Modern China” Dr. Ng, MWF 9:00-9:50 [HSS, C, Global]
  • HIST-27519 “Hist S. Asia: Mughals to Modi” Dr. Welsch, MW 2:00-3:20 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-27523 “Ethiopia and the World” Dr. Eshete, MWF 12:00-12:50
  • HIST-30155 “Medieval Travelers” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 1:00-3:20 [HSS, GE]
  • RELS-12003 “The Hebrew Bible and History” Dr. Friedman, MWF 1:00-1:50 [AH, R, C]
  • RELS-26744 “Jews, Judaism, and Jew Haters” Dr. Friedman, TTH 2:30-3:50 [R]

Fall 2019

  • HIST-10102 “African Religions” Dr. Eshete, MWF 12:00-12:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10152 “African American History 1865-present” Professor Adkins, MWF 10:00-10:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-10177 “Latin American Revolutions” Dr. Holt, MWF 9:00-9:50am [C,HSS]
  • HIST-10700 “Western Civ Since 1600” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 10:00am-10:50 [C, HSS, GE. SJ]
  • HIST-10900 “Making of Contemporary World” Dr. Bonk, MWF 11:00-11:50 [C, HSS]
  • HIST-11000 “U.S. Experience to 1877” Dr. Roche, TTH 9:30-10:50 [HSS]
  • HIST-20128 “The Gilded Age and the Origins” Dr. Roche, TTH 2:30-3:50 [HSS, W]
  • HIST-20134 “Mongol Global Century 1200-1348” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 9:30-10:50 [HSS, W, C]
  • HIST-20600 “Medieval Europe, 500-1350” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS, GE]
  • HIST-20800 “Europe: 1890 to 1945” Dr. Shaya, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-21500 “Colonial Latin America” Dr. Holt, MW 2:0-3:20 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-22800 “Israel/Palestine: Hist in Conflict” Dr. Friedman, TTH 2:30-3:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-23100 “The Making of Africa” Dr. Eshete, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-23400 “Chinese Civilization” Dr. Ng, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-27505 “Fall of USSR/Rise New Russia” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS,C]
  • HIST-27514 “LGBTQ in 20th Century America” Dr. Biro Walters, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST-27523 “Ethiopia and the World” Dr. Eshete, MWF 2:00-2:50 [HSS, C]

Spring 2019

  • HIST 10166-01 “The Holocaust” Dr. Friedman, MW 2:00-3:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 10176-01 “History of Islam” Dr. Sene, MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS, C, R]
  • HIST 10178-01 “West Africa & the World” Dr. Sene, MW 2:00-3:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 10187-01 “A History of Native America” Dr. Biro Walters, MWF 12:00-12:50 [C, HSS]
  • HIST 10800-01 “Introduction to Global History” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 10:00-10:50 [C,HSS]
  • HIST 11100-01 “U.S. Experience Since 1877” Dr. Roche TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 11500-01 “History of Black America” Dr. King TTH 9:30-10:50 [C, HSS]
  • HIST 20107-01 “The Western” Dr. Roche TTH 9:30-10:50 [W, HSS]
  • HIST 20115-01 “Body in Chinese Tradition” Dr. Ng, MWF 10:00-10:50 [W, C, HSS]
  • HIST 20124 “Public History” Dr. Biro Walters, MWF 9:00-9:50 [W, HSS]
  • HIST 20131-01 “Rulers & Rebels in European Empires” Dr. Welsch, MWF 11:00-11:50
  • HIST 20400-01 “Greek Civilization” Staff, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 20700-01 “Renaissance Europe 1350-1600” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 22100-01 “Modern Britain” Dr. Welsch, MWF 2:00-2:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 23300-01 “Russian Since 1900” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 1:00-1:50 [C, HSS]
  • HIST 23600-01 “Modern Japan” Dr. Ng, MWF 1:00-1:50 [C, HSS]
  • HIST 27521-01 “Black Women and the Black Freedom Struggle” Dr. King, TTH 2:30-3:50
  • HIST 29800-01 “Making History: Theories/Methods” Dr. Hettinger, TTH 9:30-10:50, [HSS]

Fall 2018

  • HIST 10161-01 “Russia’s WWII: Film & History” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 10184-01 “Chinese Medical Tradition” Dr. Ng MWF 9:00-9:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 10191-01 “Intro: History of the Sexualities” Dr. Biro Walters MWF 9:00-9:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 10700-01 “Western Civ Since 1600” Dr. Pozefsky, MWF 10:00-10:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 10900-01 “Making of the Contemporary World” Dr. Bonk, MWF 12:00-12:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 11000-01 “U.S. Experience to 1877” Dr. Biro Walters, MWF 2:00-2:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 20119-01 “West Africa U.S. Connection” Dr. Sene, TTH 2:30-3:50 [W, C, HSS]
  • HIST 20132-01 “Black Power to Black Lives Matter” Dr. King TTH 9:30-10:50 [W, C, HSS]
  • HIST 20600-01 “Medieval Europe, 500-1350” Dr. Hettinger TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 20700-01 “Renaissance Europe 1350-1600” Dr. Hettinger TH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 20800-01 “Europe: 1890 to 1945” Dr. Shaya MW 2:00-3:20 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 22000-01 “Tudor-Stuart England” Dr. Welsch MWF 11:00-11:50 [HSS]
  • HIST 23100-01 “The Making of Africa” Dr. Sene TTH 9:30-10:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 23400-01 “Traditional China” Dr. Ng MWF 1:00-1:50 [HSS, C]
  • HIST 23800-01 “The American West” Dr. Roche TTH 1:00-2:20 [HSS]
  • HIST 30154-01 “Antisemitism” Dr. Friedman W 7:00-9:40 [HSS, C]

Degree Requirements Abbreviations

HSS – History and Social Sciences
C – Global and Cultural Perspectives
W – Writing Intensive
R – Religious Perspectives
Q – Quantitative Reasoning