“Where Are They Now?” Series Feature: Dan Buckler

In our series “Where Are They Now?” we would like to spotlight ‘10 alum Dan Buckler! He is currently an urban forester for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, overseeing projects that assess what trees are growing where in our urban spaces and communicating why they are important. Here is what Dan would like to share with students about his experience: 

If you’re like most people, you have no idea what will be thrown at you, or in what career(s) you’ll find yourself. But if you approach the world with wonder and curiosity and kindness, you’re going to have many opportunities to do great things with great people. 

 My Senior I.S. was on the political and social ramifications of colonial forestry in Palestine. Urban forestry was not on my radar at the time as a profession. However, that field sits at the intersection of human and natural communities, very much like my I.S. That is a fun linkage to think about, even if I had little clue that’s where I would end up. Though I’m not technically a historian, I can thank my major and my broader Wooster education for providing me skills that regularly benefit me, both professionally and in being a better national and global citizen. Liberal Arts FTW!”