I.S. Monday March Through the Snow

Ah, another I.S. Monday – March 25, 2013. A weather system out of the west blanketed the campus in snow, as History majors and friends (yes, yes, and I.R./History majors and East Asian Studies majors and all of you double majors) came together to celebrate the completion of Senior I.S. There had been rumblings all… Read More

I.S. Symposium

Congratulations to all the seniors who participated in the I.S. Symposium Friday.  You did a wonderful job highlighting the wide range of historical questions you pursue and your excellent work as historians. Just a few notable examples: Bonnie Berg (pictured, left) shared photographs of the 1903 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.  Ben Caroli curated an… Read More

Chris Culbertson on “Chilean Cultural Identity”

Chris Culbertson ’12 presented his Independent Study research in progress as part of the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE)’s I-Seminar earlier this month. The I-Seminar brings together students from across the College of Wooster community to present their interdisciplinary research to a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students.  The CDGE hopes these… Read More

The History of Croquet at the C.O.W. and More!

Something to distract you from final exam studying: take a look at a few of the videos your classmates produced for History 202: History Workshop: The Historical Documentary. These went far beyond the requirements of the final assignment, which was an exercise in the practical elements of documentary filmmaking. You might learn something here. About… Read More