Student Research and The Company’s Sword by Dr. Christina Welsch

Christina Welsch, associate professor of History and South Asian Studies at The College of Wooster, has recently published a book titled The Company’s Sword: The East India Company and the Politics of Militarism, 1644-1858. The book focuses on India’s military and political landscape in the eighteenth century. However, instead of centering the narrative on the… Read More

Fall 2021 Junior IS Poster Session

Thank you to all those who dropped by the Scot Center Governance Room on Thursday to support the juniors as they presented their work on Junior IS! Presenters included: Adam Ryan, Emma Swindell, Glenna Van Dyke, Megan Conklin, Milo Hoff, Minh Nguyen, Nicholas Rabaut, Patrick Colwell, Peter Barker, Sam Powers, and Tess Von Wallmenich. Great… Read More

Junior I.S. Fall 2020

As this semester winds to a close, we would like to highlight all the hard work of the juniors who have overcome the obstacles of a pandemic to produce interesting and insightful Independent Study projects. Visit the History Department Instagram Page at @woohistory to see some examples of the work they have done!