“What Are They Doing Now?” Series Feature: Jacob Kowall

Next in our “What Are They Doing Now?” spotlight is Jacob Kowall, graduate of 2017. Jacob currently lives in Washington, DC, where he works as a library technician. In his current position, he is involved with a number of projects to improve public access to government information. Here’s his story: 

Last year, I graduated from Simmons University in Boston with a Master of Library and Information Science degree. My coursework focused on government libraries and archives, and now I work as a library technician on a contract with the Government Publishing Office. It was while studying history at Wooster that I developed a deep appreciation for libraries and archives, which eventually motivated me to pursue an MLIS. 

At Wooster, my studies in history provided me with training on how to craft persuasive arguments, interpret dense source material, and develop a nuanced understanding of challenging issues. These skills inform my current work in library science, but I’ve also used these same skills in other previous positions, including as a paralegal and while working for a tech startup. There are many ways to make use of a background in history, so I would encourage students to be open to all possibilities.” 

Thank you, Jacob!