Junior and Senior IS Recent Exemplars

Senior IS Exemplars from 2020: 

Pedagogía Política: Un análisis de la enseñanza de la dictadura de Pinochet y los derechos humanos en Chile

by Emily Elizabeth Xiubei Beuter
Department: History; Spanish

Remembering the City: An Augmented Reality Reconstruction of Memory, Power, and Identity in Ho Chi Minh City through Cartography & Architecture

by Thuy Dinh
Department: Computer Science; History

Boy Meets War: A Critical and Creative Analysis of Civilian Masculinities in Britain During the Second World War

by Savanna Hitlan
Department: History

Contested Commemoration: The Relationship Between Politics and the Memorialization of the Second World War in Polish Literature, Cinema, and Museums (1945-Present)

by Alexandria Joyner
Department: History


Junior IS (from several years): 

At the Intersection of Commemoration, Satire, and the Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Dissecting the Memory of the Subsidy Period in Vietnam (2005 –Present)

by Thuy Dinh

Monsters in Parents’ Closets: An Examination of the McMartin Preschool Case as a Moral Panic About Childhood

by Zane Polston

Fighting the “Dread Paralysis”: The Press and Public Health in the 1916 Polio Epidemic in New York City

by Mary McKinley

L’Echo d’Alger and a New Anti-Semitism: French Settler Opinions of Interwar Anti-Semitism and the Constantine Riots of 1934

by Shelley Grostefon

An Eye for the Everyday: Don Freeman’s New York City Sketches in Historical Context, 1928-1945 

by Ellie DePastino

Define Bracero: A Study of Ethnic Identity in the Bracero Program, A Prospectus

by Maricela Metraux