Call for Entries: Turner Prize for Best Junior I.S. in History

History Seniors! Justifiably proud of your Junior I.S. project? If you think that your Junior Independent Study was an excellent project and deserves to be recognized, this is your opportunity to shine. Please nominate yourself for the Turner Prize! Send an email with a copy of your Junior I.S. to Professor Tara Strauch and Professor… Read More

Café Bob: Politicizing Space, Race, and Gender

We are pleased to announce the first panel of distinguished I.S. presentations. This Thursday, April 11th, Cafe Bob welcomes three graduating historians to present their research. The theme is “Politicizing Space, Race, and Gender” and the talks will all address, from different thematic and methodological angles, U.S. history since the 1960s. Kelsey Smith will reinterpret… Read More

I.S. Monday March Through the Snow

Ah, another I.S. Monday – March 25, 2013. A weather system out of the west blanketed the campus in snow, as History majors and friends (yes, yes, and I.R./History majors and East Asian Studies majors and all of you double majors) came together to celebrate the completion of Senior I.S. There had been rumblings all… Read More

Zotero Workshop Tuesday Night

You’ve probably “heard of” Zotero, but do you know what it can do for you? Imagine creating a bibliography in seconds, collecting articles for your research papers with one click, storing your articles in the cloud, and collaborating with others. This workshop will show you Zotero’s most powerful features. Bring your laptop to receive assistance… Read More

Kendall-Rives Latin American Research Grants

Interested in conducting research in Latin America? The Kendall-Rives research grant makes available approximately $2,000 each year to one or more Wooster sophomores or juniors to support a research project on some aspect of United States-Latin American Relations. Funds are to be used during the current academic year, including the summer months. Research projects must… Read More

I.S. Symposium

Congratulations to all the seniors who participated in the I.S. Symposium Friday.  You did a wonderful job highlighting the wide range of historical questions you pursue and your excellent work as historians. Just a few notable examples: Bonnie Berg (pictured, left) shared photographs of the 1903 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.  Ben Caroli curated an… Read More

Chris Culbertson on “Chilean Cultural Identity”

Chris Culbertson ’12 presented his Independent Study research in progress as part of the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE)’s I-Seminar earlier this month. The I-Seminar brings together students from across the College of Wooster community to present their interdisciplinary research to a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students.  The CDGE hopes these… Read More

I-Seminar Lunches

The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE) is hosting a series of lunches celebrating College of Wooster seniors taking an interdisciplinary approach to Independent Study.  The I-Seminars are designed to bring faculty, staff, and students together to discuss seniors’ work in progress. Three History students will be presenting their IS projects in February.  On… Read More

Copeland Funding In France

Aix-en-Provence is gorgeous.  Especially at the end of July, which was when I headed over there to do archival research for my IS.  I ended up spending a week in Southern France, researching the negritude movement at the French colonial National Archives. I spent my time there researching previously classified documents, such as police reports and diplomatic… Read More