Maurice Adkins
Perry Williams Predoctoral Fellow in History
Research interests: African American History, History of Education, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Black leadership, Protest Movements, Public Policy, Labor History, History of Agriculture

(330) 287-1915
Office: Kauke 114
Office Hours: TBA

Joan Friedman

Associate Professor
Current research: Ritual observance in American Reform Judaism
Teaching interests: Jewish History, American Judaism, the Holocaust, the Arab-Israeli conflict

(330) 263-2448
Office: Kauke 006
Office Hours: Mondays 1:00-3:00 PM and Thursdays 2:00-4:00 PM. Meetings are scheduled by appointment. If listed hours conflict with student commitments, use listed email to contact professor directly.

Madonna Hettinger
Lawrence Stanley Professor
Current research: Cultural responses epidemic disease in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Teaching interests: Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Historiography, Theory and Methodologies

(330) 263-2439
Office: Kauke 118
Office Hours: TBA

Katherine Holt 
Associate Professor of History
Current Research: Brazilian History, Race and Medicine in Brazil, Slavery and Family Life in Brazil
Teaching interests: Latin American History, comparative slavery, gender history, digital history

Office: Kauke 119 Office 
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 AM, Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 PM, and Fridays 9:00-10:00 AM. Meetings are scheduled by appointment.

Margaret WS Ng
Associate Professor of History
Current research: History of medicine, gender history, pain in Chinese history and tactile perception, history of the body
Teaching interests: Chinese History, Japanese History, history of medicine, family

(330) 264-2056
Office: Kauke 115
Office Hours: Meetings are scheduled by appointment via the email listed above.

Peter Pozefsky (on leave 2020-21)
Michael O. Fischer Professor of History
Current research: Representations of Stalin and Stalinism in contemporary Russian cinema
Teaching interests: Russian History, European History, Global History, Film & history


Jeff Roche (on leave 2020-21)
Professor of History
Current research: Political conservatism in the American West
Teaching interests: U.S. History, History of the American West



Ibra Sene
Associate Professor of History
Current research: The prison of St. Louis and the penitentiary system in colonial Senegal, history of higher education in Senegal
Teaching interests: African History, European colonialism and imperialism, prisons, African and African American relations, Islam

(330) 263-2622
Office: Kauke 116
Office Hours: TBA

Greg Shaya 
Professor of History [Department Chair]
Current research: The history of emotions, violence and the mass press in France, public execution in France, historical documentary
Teaching interests: European History, French History, History of News and Media, Crime and Punishment in History, Documentary Filmmaking

(330) 263-2169
Office: Kauke 111
Office Hours: Meetings are scheduled by appointment.

Christina Welsch 
Assistant Professor of History
Current research: military cultures in 18th c. Britain and India, the political development of the British East India Company
Teaching interests: The British Empire, India and the Indian Ocean, War and global history, military history, mutiny/rebellion, global and transnational history
(330) 263-2406
Office: Kauke 108
Office Hours: Meetings are scheduled by appointment.

Jordan Biro Walters
Assistant Professor of History
Current research: World-renowed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman, the sexuality state in New Mexico
Teaching interests: U.S. History, Western History, LGBTQ History, Public History

(330) 263-1960
Office: Kauke 113
Office Hours: Please schedule an appointment to meet with me online (Teams). Generally, I am available four hours per week for office hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Please book a time to see me using this website: https://jordanbirowalters.youcanbook.me/

Emeriti Faculty

Daniel Calhoun, Emeritus since 1994

Henry J. Copeland, Emeritus since 1999

John Gates (aka John M. Gates), Emeritus since 2002
Web: http://discover.wooster.edu/jgates/

David Gedalecia, Emeritus since 2012

James Hodges, Emeritus since 1998

Vivian Holliday, Emerita since 1999

John Louis Hondros, Emeritus since 2001

W. A. Hayden Schilling, Emeritus since 2015

Karen J. Taylor, Emerita since 2010